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GHI (Gyeongbuk Hybrid Technology Institute) was established at Yeongcheon to develop hybrid components technology as part of a regional industry promotion project.

Hybrid components technology is a method used to create new components by combining a variety of materials or technologies. With the advanced technology. GHI is collaborating with local industries to develop new components and to assess their reliability and is providing integrated design, analysis technology and various business services.

In addition, GHI is making every possible effort to improve the hybrid components industry through converting presently manufactured machinery and automobile parts into ones of higher added value, rapid development of new products and applications, and technological advance of companies in the region. Hopefully, these activities will enhance their international competitiveness and accomplish economic progress in the region.

GHI will do its best to grow further to take the lead in future hybrid components technology with good researchers and state-of-the-art equipment.

Dr. Kwon Oh Seung, President.